Dijisumo is a boutique tax accounting firm specialized in international taxation for expats and international entrepreneurs.

Just like our clients, we are located all over the world. We have a presence in the Americas, Asia and Europe, and first-hand experience living in many countries.

To make tax preparation easy, no matter where you live, our entire process is done securely online, from first consultation to filing the tax forms.

Why Work With Dijisumo

There are cheaper expat tax services out there. We know that. We have clients who switched from cheaper competitors to us because of our level of quality, service, and thought leadership. (We’ve also amended countless tax returns filed by taxpayer themselves or other providers to fix errors or maximize tax savings.)

Our accountants are experienced and dedicated team members, not contractors that aren’t even mentioned on the company website.

They gained experience at Big 4 accounting firms, family offices, boutique firms, and as entrepreneurs before joining Dijisumo. Our team has broad expertise across the range of international taxation, for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and more. And, we go the extra mile to optimize your specific tax situation.