Best Registered Agent Services

Every business needs a variety of specialized support services in order to operate successfully. When it comes to the legal system, things get complicated fast. Federal laws, regulations, mandates, and guidelines related to every individual industry are a lot to know, track, and navigate. A registered agent service provider takes the pressure off of a business by taking on aspects of the company’s legal burden. In particular, a registered agent service can perform each of the following services on behalf of a client:

  • Complete the LLC formation
  • Fulfill legal requirements, such as serving as a client’s physical mailing address
  • Receive legal correspondence or “service of process” on behalf of a client
  • File legal documents

Often referred to as “Resident Agent” or “Agent for Service of Process” services, the best registered agent services enable companies to fulfill legal due process in every state without a business needing a full physical location in each.

Best Registered Agent Services

  1. Northwest Registered Agent
  2. Incfile 
  3. Harbor Compliance
  4. ZenBusiness

What Does a Registered Agent Do?

Every U.S. state requires businesses that register with a state as legal entities (LLCs, partnerships, corporations) to have a registered agent, sometimes called a statutory agent or agent of process.

To register with a state means to file a legal application that varies by business type.

  • A corporation files Articles of Incorporation
  • A partnership files a state registration application document
  • A limited liability company (LLC) files Articles of Organization

Everyone (including businesses) have a right to due process, with procedures to make sure that the legal process provides for fair procedures. That includes the right to be notified when legal action is taken against them.

The registered agent is the person who is designated to receive federal and state legal documents and service of process (For example, it’s not enough to just mail a summons to a defendant, because there’s no way to be sure that the person received it. Someone must acknowledge receipt, and that’s where the registered agent comes in. States want to be sure there is always someone who can sign for these documents.

A registered agent accepts legal paperwork on behalf of your business. This service must have a physical address (not a post office box) in the state and be open during normal business hours to receive legal notices.

How Do Registered Agents Qualify?

Here’s an example: Delaware has a list of registered agents that have met the state’s listing standards. These standards include:

  • Being generally open or (for an individual resident) be generally present at a designated location at “sufficiently frequent times” to accept service of process.
  • Be authorized to transact business in the state (if a foreign entity)
  • Accept service of process and other communications and forward these to the legal entity (the business paying them)
  • Give the legal entity an annual report or notice as required by the state
  • Keep contact information for entities it represents, including name, business address and business phone number of a natural person ( human being, not a corporation) who is authorized to receive communications from the registered agent.

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